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Welcome to afterWRK!

The terms of use outline the rules and regulations for the use of GroupBuy on afterWRK. By participating in the GroupBuy campaigns, we ​assume you accept these terms of use. Do not continue to join GroupBuy on afterWRK if you do not agree to take all ​of the terms of use stated on this page.

1. Customer Support

GroupBuy operates as a marketplace and is not responsible for, nor does it offer customer service for any specific merchant. For assistance, please contact the merchants directly.

2. Payment Processing

GroupBuy utilizes Stripe for payments, and a fee is incurred. Refer to Pricing & Fees on the official Stripe website. If you wish to refund a processed order, please be aware that the transaction fee is non-refundable, as it is set and charged by the payment processor, and not by afterWRK.

3. Dispute Resolution

GroupBuy does not intervene in dispute resolution. If a dispute cannot be resolved with the merchant, kindly escalate it to fair trading. Your feedback is valuable, and if we receive a valid claim against a specific merchant, we reserve the right to reject their listing. Thank you for your understanding.

4. GroupBuy Withdrawal

You have the flexibility to withdraw from regularly grouped deals at any time before the grouping is successfully completed

5. Refund

For information on the refund policy, kindly consult the specific terms and conditions of your merchant. For any negotiation regarding refunds, please reach out to them directly.